About Us

Nefertiti here,


When I first got engaged, I really had no idea what to do. I wasted time, not knowing exactly where to start and originally only had 9 months to plan. A month after the engagement, I was trying to plan an engagement party under so much stress, little money and barely any time. With that, I eventually got to the point where I could not even imagine planning a wedding- then tried to talk my fiance into going to the courthouse and just signing papers. Thankfully, my fiance told me that he felt i’d regret it and encouraged me to do some research and find a way to plan it on my own…with a very strict budget. So I did! That was THE best decision I had ever made besides “Yes”

Shortly after, I came to the quick realization that I did not need to be pressured by common “traditions” and do things the way someone else out there said it needed be done. My fiance and I ended up borrowing some money from family, using some extra cash from work and planning a low-budget, DIY inspired, non-traditional wedding for less than $5,000. This wedding ended up being everything I dreamed of and more; not to mention it turned out looking like we had spent $20,000+.

At this point you might think, well GEE WIZ you’re not some wedding expert just because you planned a wedding and had a nice day! Well actually, if you do think that, you’re probably right. However, I spent 10 months doing intensive research on how to plan a wedding on my own, and I added myself to over 30 Facebook wedding planning groups to test my knowledge with other brides once I cracked the code.

Before I knew it

  • My inbox was flooded with messages
  • My posts about it were drowned with comments
  • I received so many questions I couldn’t answer them all
  • Brides were asking for my phone number to pick my brain
  • I received over 70 sign ups for my blogs newsletter in a weeks span
  • People were begging to find out how I pulled it off

After that amazing response from brides just like you planning their own weddings, I knew I learned enough to be able to help future budget brides EVERYWHERE. But, I did not stop there. I spent weeks building up boards on Pinterest with categories that target a specific type of wedding style. I spent months organizing my information so that I could post weekly blogs and send out weekly email newsletters to spill the beans. I’ve spent days upon days with wedding vendors at wedding expos to figure out what information brides are really looking for during the planning process etc. And, just when you thought that was it, I began to build an effective 7 part online course to teach others how to plan a wedding for $5,000 or less in under 5 months– just like I did.

I’m here now and you are too, so by now you should be SUBSCRIBED and registered for those courses. From this site, you can read my blog posts, get expert advice, enroll in my courses, view testimonials and get linked to my DIY tutorials on YouTube. I will be launching access to my Pinterest boards soon, so don’t miss out on my email updates!